Start Here, Go Anywhere!

Clifford International School has something great in store for every child! Your child will have qualified Western teachers throughout their journey here at CIS. Strong academics, varied arts programming, our focus on STEM, and an active athletics community contribute to our holistic educational vision. And all of this with an extremely competitive tuition rate.

How to Apply


Create an Account

Go to our admissions portal and create an account. You will need to upload a photograph of your child’s identification when you create the account.


Admissions Department will contact you

Our admissions office will contact you to arrange a testing time. Please ensure that all relevant documents, including previous report cards, are submitted prior to the test date.


Entrance Test

Students applying for grades 1 through 8 will have a one-on-one entrance test. This generally takes about 30 minutes. Students applying for grades 9 through 11 will write an exam that covers English and Math skills. This will take 3 hours. Students do not need to study for these tests.



Once we make a determination, the admissions office will contact you. If your child is accepted, they will help you make all necessary arrangements for your child to begin attending.

School Calendar

School Fees

Fees per semester. All amounts are in RMB.
Grade Tuition Student Dorm Total
Grades 1-5
61,240 Non-boarding / 61,240
Boarding 3,950 65,190
Middle School
Grades 6-8
67,740 Non-boarding / 67,740
Boarding 3,950 71,690
High School
Grades 9-12
80,790 Non-boarding / 80,790
Boarding 3,950 84,740


  • Tuition fees are subject to change.
  • The school uniform will cost 2000 RMB for elementary students and 2300 RMB for secondary students.

Do you have any questions that we haven’t answered for you?

Please reach out and we will contact you soon!