School Events

Clifford International School infuses many different activities and events into our yearly schedule. Students gain valuable leadership skills and give back to their community in many different ways. Some of the school-wide recurring events include a school showcase, Winter Concerts, Pink Shirt Week, Terry Fox Runs, a Fringe Festival, spirit days and so much more.

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt week has been a valuable time for our students to think about how we can support each other and actively fight against bullying. Students wore pink to show their commitment to fight bullying.

Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Foundation was created to raise money for cancer research. After Terry Fox was diagnosed with cancer, resulting in the amputation of his right leg, he began his run from the east coast to the west coast of Canada raising awareness for an affliction that affects millions. Clifford International School runs each year to help support this important cause!

Spirit Week

Winter/Spring Concerts

Our elementary and secondary winter concerts are a great way to celebrate our holiday season and show off our student talent! Parents are invited to see our talented performers during evening events.

This year the elementary students put on their first ever spring concert! The stage was set with springtime flowers, green grass and a blue-sky background! To kick off the show, the elementary choir passionately sang and danced to the song, “Believer”.

Following this inspiring performance, the golden clad grade two class sang the song, “Tomorrow” along with an accompanying dance. Next in line was 4A who sang, “It’s Gonna be OK” along with cool choreography performed in their light-up jackets. Grade 5A sang, “True Colors” along with matching sign language. Our adorable grade one class dressed up as flowers, turtles and bears to perform the song, “Springtime”. Grade 3A put on an energetic performance of, “I Got This Feeling”, while 3B performed “I Love to Smile” in their cheerful sunny costumes. Grade 5B wrapped up the stage performances with the song, “Dreamer”.

For the finale, grades 1-5 filled the stage and all the aisles in the theater to sing the most joyful version of “Celebrate” you will ever hear. With glowsticks waving, bodies dancing, and giant beachballs bouncing, the show ended with excitement reverberating through the air!

Thanks especially to Mr. Nick and Ms. Mary – the key players for the production of this excellent event!


Every year our high school and middle school student councils put on a special Halloween event. There is a haunted house, carnival games, and much more. Students with the most creative costumes are highlighted in our assemblies.


Our Showcase event is one of the biggest events of the year. Our school opens up to the entire community to see student work, performances, art projects, club displays, PE demonstrations, and much more.

Fringe Festival

What is a Fringe Festival, you ask? It is a celebration of performing arts. Students form groups and plan and practice a short play, skit, comedy, dance, or game show. The options are endless! Performances take place over the course of a week.

This year's fringe festival showcased the performance art of 13 groups. 12 groups from the grade 9 and 10 drama classes and 1 brave group from grade 6 shared their hard work and courageous spirit to entertain us with their own written, directed, produced and promoted performances. This year's festival was also a product of the hard work of student volunteers who set up, facilitated and hosted the entertainment venues.

Fashion Show

Our annual fashion show highlights the hard work from our fashion club. Their task involves a few steps: Club members search for inspiration and design their outfits by drawing their ideas out on paper or on a computer. They then select fabrics that best match their visions and create their clothes by cutting and sewing their chosen materials together. Fashion club members sometimes model their own clothes or select a student model volunteer to wear their design for the Fashion Show. For many of our students it is one of the biggest projects that they have ever made and each one of them is extremely proud to partake in the Fashion Show.

Middle School Sleepover

Our middle school students take part in an annual school sleepover event! Students come to the school in the evening and spend the night playing games, socializing with friends, and having a pizza party.

Movie Night

Movie Night is an annual event hosted by our Parent Teacher Association! Our PTA sells popcorn, snacks, drinks, and homemade treats in our back field. Students, parents, and teachers can come and enjoy a movie and hang out with friends. We are so lucky to have such a supportive parent community!